Sean Daly explores Ybor City's ghostly population

TAMPA - Ybor City is known for it's rich Cuban history and it's cigars, but it's starting to make name for itself that might spook some. Joe Howden runs Ybor City's ghost tours and joined our Sean Daly this morning to discuss two of the alleged most haunted places in Ybor.

The Don Vicente Hotel, which has been featured in an episode of the Travel Channel's Dead Files, is known to be haunted by it's former occupants. Some say a former nurse still checks in on her patients, not knowing that the building is no longer a hospital.

The Travel Channel also voted The Cuban Club as one of the "Most Haunted Places in America." Howden says without a doubt the Club is haunted having had his own run ins with the undead there. 

You can get more information on Ybor Ghost Tours by visiting their website .


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