Reward offered for John Stanton, who owes millions in back alimony and child support

TAMPA - He's been called the millionaire dead-beat dad and he's also a wanted criminal.

Since last week, local businessman John Stanton has evaded an arrest warrant for not paying his ex-wife child support and alimony in excess of $6 million.

He never appeared at a hearing and hasn't been seen since and now Susan Stanton is saying enough is enough. She's offering a $1,000 reward for his arrest.

Erin Budinscak once considered Stanton a brother. He had been married to her identical twin, Susan, for nearly 15 years. Now, she only has disdain not just for her sister's sake but for her 12-year-old nephew, Wade, who is struggling with juvenile diabetes.

"I'm just disgusted. It's so emotionally draining, " Budinscak said. "I want to tell him, do the right thing. You have the money."

John Stanton did not appear at his last trial date on Thursday where a judge found him guilty.  But, when he appeared in the past, Stanton claimed he's broke. 

Susan Stanton's attorney, Michael Bundy said the courts saw it differently.

"If he turns himself in he's going to be be serving a five month and 29 day sentence which is a punishment. There is no way to get out by paying the money at this point and time," Bundy said.

In the meantime, Budinscak said her sister is doing what she can. Right now, the $1,000 reward is all she can afford to get this bitter battle behind her.

"She doesn't have any money. He has basically drained her where she is just hanging on. If he did pay her some more money, I am sure the reward could be a lot more,"  said Budinscak.

We reached out to John Stanton's attorney, Ron Russo. We are still waiting for a response.

Susan Stanton's attorneys are getting ready to file another claim asking for an additional $3 million in back child support and alimony.

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