Rescues in Action for Sunday, March 9

TAMPA - Mr. Boots is an 11 year old Scottish Terrier.  Known to his friends as Boots, he is one laid back, fun loving guy.  He adores going for walks, sniffing his way along; he enjoys playing a short game of the chase or tug of war and is always up for a good nap (we think this may be one of his favorite pastimes of all, but don’t be fooled - as one friend said “he has a lot of energy for an old guy”).  Boots is one of those Scotties with a “smile” on his face, and always seems to be laughing, enjoying of life or a secret joke. 


Due to a divorce and job transfer, Boots’ family had to surrender him in early February.  His agreeable disposition has shown through this experience; although his family let him have free roam of their house and let him sleep on their bedroom, we have always used crates for our doggie’s bed time and when we’re a way from the house.   Boots has adapted to this new system quite well.  He gets along great with his Foster sister, Millie.  She is another rescued Scottish Terrier and can be a bit of a “princess” around the house.  Mr. Boots is friendly with other dogs on our walks and he loves to meet neighbors and neighborhood children. 


His former family said he was allergic to cats.  He has been thoroughly checked out by our Vet and is in tip top shape, other that dry eyes, which require drops each day and a little weight that needs to come off.  He has been making great strides in that area and is already slimming down!  We hope someone will become Mr. Boots “furever” family soon.  This is one special guy with lots of love to share!

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