New football league reviving Tampa Bay Bandits

Team will be a part of the new A11FL league

TAMPA, Fla. - They were a novelty in the 1980s: A professional football team in Tampa with a spring schedule. A new football league is now reviving the long-defunct Tampa Bay Bandits.

The Bandits join five other teams under the banner of the newly-formed A11FL, a league which plans to begin its first regular season in March 2015. The league plans to add two more teams for a total of eight.

A "showcase game" featuring the Bandits is scheduled for May 17. It will be played at Raymond James Stadium and televised on ESPN2.

Scott McKibben, the commissioner of the A11FL, said ticket prices for a regular season would be about $30 for adults, and $15 to $20 for those under 18.

Leading up to the first season, the A11FL will draw players from other non-NFL pro football leagues and from college drafts.

Kent Howard, who watched the Bandits play when he was a teenager, was surprised and excited to hear the news.

"That's awesome! Bandit ball was great!" he said.

To learn more about the A11FL, you can visit their website by clicking here .

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