New dating technique aimed at women being called ultimate icebreaker

Part face-to-face meeting, part online connection

TAMPA - Calling all single ladies! The creator of a new dating tool says her FlipMe cards are the ultimate icebreaker!

They're sort of a grown up version of those Valentine's Day cards that children pass out to their classmates.

Instead of sayings like, "You're cool Valentine", these are very mature, assertive and often risque such as  "Care to be Mr. Right Now?", "You're being hit on" and "I'm playing easy to get."   

Rachel DeAlto, the CEO of FlipMe, says the idea is to capture that moment when you see someone you like.

Instead of giving out your phone number or your email address, you hand the person a card, which refers him or her to There the recipient enters the Flipper's ID and code, which are both printed on the back of the card. From there, the two parties can connect with an e-mail exchange.

DeAlto says she and her husband, John, came up with the idea as a fun way to prevent missed opportunities. They based it on their own real-life "near miss".

Flip Me cost $25 dollars for 30 cards and a 3-month membership. The service is free for the recipient of the cards.

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