Mystery surrounds shooting in million-dollar home on Davis Islands

Loud noises and commotion awoke Anne Gagliano last night about midnight. Outside, she and her son, David, were stunned by what they saw.
"There are times you do not see one police car in this neighborhood and now there are more than a dozen on our street," David said.
His mother Anne said, "It definitely surprised me, but I was reassured when I found out that the guy who was shot was known to my neighbors."
Tampa police said they received two 911 calls regarding a shooting inside a home on 420 Riviera Drive on Davis Islands.
Andrew Noll, 23, called and said he was shot in the chest, police said. The woman in the home, 28-year-old Michal Simpson, called to say she shot an intruder in her hallway just steps from her bedroom.
Ryan Hoskinson, who lives in the neighborhood just down the street from the Riviera house, said never in his 20 years there has the neighborhood seen so much police activity.
"I've never seen that many cops on Davis Islands in general," said Hoskinson.
The three learned, Simpson a young mother, allegedly shot Noll in the hallway just steps away from her bedroom in the hallway.
She and her young daughter were the only ones home. While Anne doesn't remember seeing Noll, she saw her neighbors often.
"They are an adorable young couple and have a precious little girl," said Anne.
Many don't know what to make of the situation and sad rumors are flying. One day after the shooting, detectives got a search warrant for Noll's apartment, which is just one and half miles away from the Riviera home.
And while these neighbors would like to know what happened, they are comforted it was not a random attack on this quiet street where families have lived for decades.
"I mean if it was someone who is breaking in and trying to rob somebody, that might be a different story because it could happen to anyone out here. But the fact they knew the guy and – who knows the circumstances were – it changes the ball game a little bit," said David.
Noll remains in the hospital in fair condition.


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