More than half of Waldo's police force allege illegal ticket quotas authorized by chief

Cheryl Griffis knows when she reaches the city of Waldo, she must slow down.
"It's very stressful driving through there. The police will pull you over for anything," Griffis said.
She is not alone in her perception of Waldo police. Drivers know to put on the brakes as they reach this small community of less than 500 families.
Four of the seven officers in the city’s small department outlined a host of grievances at a City Hall meeting Tuesday night. The most glaring: Unlawful ticket quotas. It's a violation of a state statue. According to the complaint filed, the department’s chief required officers to write 12 speeding citations per shift to keep their job.
"That does not surprise at all," Griffis said.
For years, Waldo has had the national reputation as one of the worst speed traps in the country. AAA even condemned the traffic enforcement measures on its website, calling it a traffic trap that generates revenue to support the city's annual budget.
While city officials won't talk about the allegation, a local reverend stands behind the department’s traffic enforcement.
"If you speed you are targeted by radar," said Rev. Jim Dubois.
Dubois also feels the police's strong enforcement has protected a community that he has helped lead for 15 years.
"It has kept our streets safe," said Dubois.
While city officials call it inappropriate to comment on the alleged misconduct, Griffis has this message for anyone planning to drive through Waldo.
"Go the speed limit and watch your p's and q's because you they will pull you over," she said.
There’s no word on how long a current investigation into the complaint could take.
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