Military veteran gets back lifeline with his stolen motorcycle.

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - Army veteran Paul Badillo could not hold back tears as Hillsborough County Sheriff's Deputies brought back his motorcycle. "I am grateful that the people who did this are off the street," Badillo said.

He said on June 18th he felt like he was being followed home. Badillo parked the bike in front of his apartment. It turned out Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies say Nathan Bowyer stole the motorcycle.

Badillo used it as therapy for PTSD he says he suffers. "I have been a lot more on edge lately. It gets to the point where it's like you don't want to sleep. You are afraid what is going to be next."

Hillsborough County Deputies spotted the motorcycle on Thursday. Detectives followed Bowyer, who they say was riding it, to a house on Six Mile Creek Road. Inside, detectives found drugs, guns, and almost $21,000 in cash. Detectives arrested Cindy Dormany and Christopher Hahn with Nathan Bowyer. Corp Buddy Rudolph from Hillsborough County Sheriff's says, "This isn't something new to them at all."

A local military motorcycle support group called the Nam Knights stepped forward to pay for the cost of repairing Badillo's motorcycle. The president of the group, Todd Harr, says, "We are taking care of one of our own. We are all veterans. We are all law enforcement." To that, Badillo added, "Words cannot express what this means at all." The single dad says he wants to get back to tinkering with the motorcycle to push out the thoughts of what he experienced in Iraq and try to manage the PTSD he says he feels.


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