lawsuit: Three (3) tips to help keep you safe when online dating

TAMPA - There's a new focus surrounding dating websites after a Nevada woman sued for $10 million.

Mary Kay Beckman claimed she met a man on the site, a date who later attacked and stabbed her ten times.

Beckman's lawyers accuse of negligence and misrepresentation.

Cody and Morgan, who did not want to give their last names, met in college.  They are dating, and adamantly agree they are happy.  They do not need to search the web for love.

"You are really taking a risk, I think," said Cody.

They said they saw this firsthand, when Morgan's girlfriend met a guy online.

"He was really intense, she said, and he would not stop texting her. Then if she wouldn't text back, h would get really angry and call her names. And they had been only communicating for one to two days," said Morgan.

Despite seeing what her girlfriend went through, Morgan believes the lawsuit against is not warranted. The Nevada woman who filed the $10 million suit claimed the site did not give her enough warning about the dangers of meeting people.

Police said after she broke it off, her date stalked and attacked her. He later killed himself before facing charges.

"I feel it would be my responsibility to be safe around the person I met," said Morgan.

Dr. Nancy Wall, a certified life coach and matchmaker agrees.  Dr. Wall said she's put hundreds of people together through her business Tampa Bay MatchMakers. She doesn't do background checks, but she advises her clients to invest the money. She said the best way to stay safe is to stay on top of it yourself.

"Things change.  You run it one day and everything could come out clean and fine," Dr. Wall explained. "Then you could run it with only certain criteria and that has missed another part of the criteria so you really have to understand what you are getting into. And remember they do not alert you. So what if something happens six months later, you need to stay well informed," said Dr. Wall.

Besides a background check, Dr.Wall strongly suggests a financial background check and then even a health screening. She also said don't ignore that little voice.

"Sometimes you can't put words to it, you can't really explain it but trust your intuition and trust your instincts.  And if it doesn't feel right, move to the next.  Just move on," Dr. Wall.

California's Attorney General has already negotiated some safety measures with three major dating sites including  Those measures include internet safety tools and checking members against sex predator websites.

To read the press release from the California Attorney General, visit .

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