Manhunt for father wanted on attempted murder charge broadens

The manhunt has intensified for a father wanted on an attempted murder charge.
Innocent Destino Jr. is accused of shooting a man twice during an argument Thursday and fleeing with his 7-year-old son.
Destino released his son Friday, but the father remains on the run. Deputies said he could still be armed.
Deborah Williams lives so close to where the argument and shooting occurred Thursday evening that she said she could see Destino's face as he got in his truck and sped away.
Williams never knew there was a 7-year-old boy in the passenger seat. 
“I am so happy they found the child and he's safe," she said.
Polk County deputies will not say where Destino left his son, Innocent Destino III, only that he’s unharmed and with his mother.
Neighbor Mary Bailey also heard the exchange of gunfire.
"We heard three big shots, like from a big caliber gun,” she said. “Then we heard three little shots."
She echoed the feelings Williams had about the boy’s return.
"I keep my blind cracked,” she said. “Make sure the blue truck does not come back around." 
Mitchell Scott, who was shot twice in the leg during the fight with Destino, briefly returned to where the shooting occurred.
He did not want to go on camera and talk with us.
Destino was last seen in a 2004 blue Dodge ram 3500 truck with Florida tag number 191 4PD.
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