Man accused of killing a four year old and injuring 14 others in Orlando Daycare accident in jail.

The manhunt for the driver of an SUV that caused another car to plow into a Winter Park daycare, killing a girl and injuring 14, is over.
But questions over why the crash occurred linger.
Robert Corchado walked into the Orange County Detention Center on Thursday, his bail set at $100,000. Authorities charged him with leaving the scene of an accident with injuries and leaving the scene of an accident with death.
At the memorial where the accident occurred, a close family friend of Lily Quintus, the 4-year-old girl who died, paid her respects.
"Breaks my heart into pieces,” Angel Ayala said.
Ayala said she considers Quintus' mother a mother to her. That is how close she is to the family. 
At the memorial, she placed a stuffed bunny, lilies and the last photo the girl ever took with her mother. 
"As a matter of respect. One last goodbye,” she said.
Ayala said Lily was a vibrant child just like she is in a home video of her singing "Call Me Maybe."
Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman Wanda Diaz said Corchado's arrest for knocking a car into the day care with his SUV and fleeing will bring a measure of closure.
"There is a huge sigh of relief, I think, both from the families and from us,” she said. 
Still, some of the grief turned to anger.
Ayala said she will attend some of Corchado's court hearings. With his extensive criminal past and what Florida Highway Patrol said are connections to the Latin Kings gang, Corchado should already be in prison, Ayala said.
"Look what he caused,” she said. “He should not have been on the streets in the first place. He should not have a license. He should not be driving."
A fund has been set up for the family of Quintus. The target amount was $10,000 to cover funeral expenses, but donations have already surpassed that amount.
To donate, visit .
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