Local coupon expert shares tips for efficient Black Friday shopping

TAMPA - Planning on camping out, or attempting to fight your way through holiday stores for the best Black Friday deals?

Kati Kiefer, founder of TrueCouponing.com has some helpful tips to make sure you get the most bang for your buck on the special consumer holiday.

1. Saving Time and Money: Kati suggestions bringing competitor's ads the day of since some stores will match the price. If an item is bought for one price on Black Friday and later drops, the receipt can be taken back tot he store for the "Price Match Guarantee.: The difference will be given back on a gift card.

2. Be Cautious of Doorbusters: Doors use "doorbuster" deals to entice shoppers to come into the store. Even though they offer a low price, doesn't always mean it's the lowest. Be sure to compare ads for different stores to the doorbuster item being considered to make sure the best price is being had.

3. Prioritizing is Key: Create a clear plan for the store the shopping will be done at. Find the items being sought and where they are inside the store ahead of time, that way it is a clear-cut line to the items needed. Bringing a friend allows for more territory to be covered at a faster pace.

4. Apple Products Are HOT!: Looking to buy an Apple product for one special gift receiver? Good news, the electronic items are one of the best priced items this year. Kati says discounts on the goods start at 25% off and go upwards of 40%. Still do research on the item being considered and compare prices between different ads. Make sure to pay attention to shipping dates since many items get backordered during the holiday.

5. Use Free Money: Swagbucks is a search engine that allows users to earn "Swagbucks" which can be redeemed as gift cards. The money earned on the gift cards can be put toward holiday shopping for others.

Learn more couponing tricks at truecouponing.com.

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