Large bladder stones found in 9-year-old dog

Biggest stone measures over 3 inches across

LAKELAND, Fla. - Veterinarians at the Lakeland office of the Florida SPCA located and removed five large bladder stones last week from Dixie, a 9-year-old chocolate Labrador.

All five stones combined weighed in at close to two pounds on a scale at the vet's office. The largest stone measured over three inches across on one side.

Dixie's owner, Scott Mostoller of Lakeland, said he and his wife brought Dixie into the veterinarian in December after noticing lethargy and blood in her urine. She had had a problem with blood in her urine around a year earlier, Mostoller said, but it had gone away.

Once doctors looked at an x-ray, which revealed the size and number of stones, they knew they needed to schedule a surgery quickly.

Veterinarians successfully removed all of the stones during her surgery on Jan. 9, and the office says her prognosis looks good. One of the vets suggested that the Mostollers cut back on Dixie's dog treats.

Vets believe the stones may have been in Dixie's bladder for about two years.

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