Tens of thousands of tickets could be invalid if challenged

Ever gotten a speeding ticket? Or maybe one for an illegal U-turn or lane change? If so, you're one of four million Florida drivers who are ticketed each year. They cost you hundreds of dollars, and bring in more than $100 million to the state.

And what if you feel you didn't deserve the ticket? Most people pay the fines anyway, unwilling to give up hours of their time in traffic court for a small chance of beating the ticket.

Tonight at 11, the I-Team will you a loophole uncovered in Florida law that could make a difference the next time you get a ticket.

"Most people do not have any idea that this rule exists," says traffic court attorney Ryan Sawdy.

Tens of thousands of traffic tickets in the Tampa Bay could have been ruled invalid if challenged in court. It's a Florida law that isn't being followed by some in law enforcement, and our investigation finds that it could apply to nearly 1 in 5 traffic tickets written in Hillsborough County.

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