Sen. Bill Nelson calls for child safety caps on e-cigarette liquids

Child poisonings sparks legislative action

WASHINGTON D.C. - In March we warned you about the potentially dangerous liquids used in e-cigarettes that can poison children.

Now the problem has the attention of some members of the U.S. Senate.

A bill filed Thursday by Florida Sen. Bill Nelson will require child safety caps to be placed on liquid nicotine containers used for e-cigarettes.

As we first reported, the small containers of liquid used to fill e-cigarettes have names and packaging that appeal to children.

At a convention in Tampa earlier this year, we found vendors selling e-liquids with names like Grapealicious and Cherry Crush and the flavor chocolate glazed doughnut.

But what's in the bottles is anything but child's play.

A one-ounce vial can contain as much nicotine as 100 cigarettes, enough to kill a small child if ingested.

Nelson plans to visit the poison control center in Tampa tomorrow to talk about the proposed law.

So far there have been about 1,500 cases of nicotine poisoning involving children in the U.S. this year from e-liquids.

More than 60 cases occurred last year in Florida.

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