Second arrest and more charges in backside cosmetic surgery case

MIAMI, Fla. - More criminal charges have been filed and a second person has been arrested in the strange case off the shelf chemical used for cosmetic surgery.

40-Year old Corey Alexander Eubank became the second person charged with the "Unlicensed practice of a health care professional with serious injury."

It's alleged he, along with Oneal Morris injected a toxic brew of fix a flat, super glue, and mineral oil in the backsides of women seeking low-cost enhancement.

According to police in Miami Gardens, a new victim has come forward saying Eubank claimed to her he "made his living by conducting the procedure in homes at a certain price." And that he set up a portable massage table inside this home where Morris told the woman the injection was actually silicone.

"They agreed on a price of $700 for him to enhance her buttocks," says Sgt. Bill Bamford of the Miami Gardens Police.

What the victims saved in dollars they paid dearly in terms of their health.

There is a Tampa Bay connection to this bizarre story.

One of the victims suffering severe reactions to the injection wound up at Tampa General Hospital.

"A short time later she developed very serious pains around her body.  She noticed something was wrong," said Bamford.

That victim, along with another who has now come forward suffered from hot flashes, flu-like symptoms, and cysts requiring surgery, blood transfusions, and extended hospital stays.

Both Eubank and Morris were arraigned on the new charges Thursday in the Miami area and were released on bond.

Authorities believe there are more victims out there and that Eubank and Morris were part of a network of medical scam artists preying on people who want cosmetic surgery but can't afford to pay for the real thing.

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