I-Team: Former co-worker says George Zimmerman was a bully

Hundreds of pages of evidence released

TAMPA - The attorneys representing George Zimmerman continue to pore over hundreds of pages of discovery material released by prosecutors in the Trayvon Martin case. 

Legal experts are also weighing in.

The evidence includes video of Trayvon Martin just moments before his death, buying Skittles and an iced tea at a nearby 7-11 before walking back to his father's home and his fateful encounter with George Zimmerman.

Dive deeper into the mountain of documents and interviews with witnesses released by prosecutors, and there is evidence that contradicts parts of George Zimmerman's story.

Zimmerman claims during the confrontation, Martin was on top of him, pummeling his head into the ground.

Not so, said one eyewitness in her recorded interview with police.

"I think Zimmerman was definitely on top because of his size.  I know after seeing them on TV showing the pictures of Zimmerman," says a witness whose name is being withheld by prosecutors.

Steve Crawford is a Tampa defense attorney and says the discovery documents also raise questions about Zimmerman and role as a neighborhood watch captain. 

"I think the more controversy there is to who was on top.  Who was fighting with whom, that type of thing.  The less chance Zimmerman will be able to get Stand Your Ground defense or have the charges dismissed," Crawford tells the I-Team.

In this report, police note Zimmerman reported suspicious persons four times since last August.  In every case it was a black male.

"Neighborhood watch situations are both a blessing and a problem. The flip side is you will sometimes have vigilantes people who are cowboys who want to act on their own prejudices," says Crawford.

The discovery material also reveals allegations that Zimmerman bullied a former co-worker which, Crawford says, could also be relevant at trial.

"You describe him as a bully?" an investigator asks the unnamed former co-worker.  "Yes," he replies.  "And did you feel bias towards yourself? "Yes, and that is because I was an easy target for him," the former co-worker responds.

"When a defendant says I was involved in a fight because of self defense and he was the aggressor, the victim was the aggressor, it opens the door for the state to call witnesses that will say you know in the past you've been the aggressor," says Steve Crawford.

Zimmerman remains free on bond.  In the coming months his attorney will be trying to convince to drop the charges based on the stand your ground defenses.

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