Family begs for answers about early 2013 motorcycle crash

Report involves two law enforcement agencies

ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. - A mother is begging for answers as the investigation into a motorcycle crash that killed her son drags past a year.

The case, which involves two law enforcement departments, is taking far longer than experts who spoke to the I-Team consider normal.

“The worst moment you can ever think of is to get a phone call you never want to get,” said Brenda Hulsizer.

She says more than 14 months is just too long to not know exactly what happened the night her 27-year-old son Keith Williamson died.

Williamson died after his motorcycle crashed into a Florida Highway Patrol cruiser shortly after he was pursued by a Clearwater Police officer, who reached a speed of 145 miles per hour during that pursuit.

The trooper, who was posted outside a construction zone, pulled directly into Williamson’s path.  

A FHP report detailing exactly what happened has still not been released.

Hulsizer says she thinks about the report every single day.

Two law enforcement experts we spoke with say more than year is a long time for an investigation.

“It really does not bode well for the agency as it relates to transparency of what's going on,” said retired Boca Raton Police Chief Andrew Scott, who now serves as a law enforcement consultant.

“Something is within an area of concern that they're really trying to investigate further,” said Andy Levesque, a crash reconstruction consultant with 23 years of law enforcement experience.

The I-Team looked at several other seemingly more complicated FHP cases which were all were wrapped up within months.

Those included a 70-car pile-up on I-4 that left four people dead, a crash on I-75 that in which eleven people died and a collision near the Manataee-Sarasota County line that injured 54 people.

But now, almost 15 months after Williamson's death, the family has few answers

“I want answers. Why did my son have to die?” said Hulsizer.

“It starts to bring into doubt the credibility of the agency and what it is they're withholding that perhaps they don't want the public to see,” said Scott.

The I-Team has been asking for the report regularly for more than a year.

Now, an exhausted and heartbroken mom is begging.

“Please, please, please release that report. If you have nothing to hide, show me,” said Hulsizer. 

After our latest request for the report, FHP sent an e-mail to us late Friday afternoon saying that they play to release it early next week after investigators have had a chance to speak with family members.

We'll follow up when we have the latest information.

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