Etiquette expert weighs in how to tip or not to tip during this Holiday season

During this season of giving, holiday tipping tips

To tip or not to tip, that is the question.  In this season of giving, you may wonder about extra tipping to those people who provide services throughout the year, like a beautician, maid, landscaper or mailman.

Etiquette experts say one thing to keep in mind is the quality and frequency of the service.

"Any time you have someone who has done a great job and continues to do a great job, it's very nice to recognize them in some way," etiquette expert Colleen Harding recommends.

She also says extra holiday tips aren't required for just average service and some say if you tip at the time of service, you may forego an end-of-the-year tip.

But how much should you tip?

For a salon or a haircut, she says you might consider the cost of one salon visit or haircut.

"During the holidays, people do expect a little bit more, only because it is a time for giving," Harding says.

For your trash collector, consider between $10 to $30.

And for a landscaper, you should tip $20 to $50.

Keep in mind, US Postal Service mail carriers are not permitted to accept any gift worth more than $20.

But if you don't want to do cash, try a simple gift.

Craft designers at Pat Catan's say personalized items don't have to be expensive.

"You can definitely put something together, for example, a gift basket, probably for about $20," Catan's designer says.

Consider handmade candles, soaps, candies, even something special for your service provider's kids or pet.

"Any time you receive a gesture of goodwill, it is a tip.  It is a thank you," Harding says.

And that thank you is likely to be recognized with more great service next year.

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