Dirty Dining: Discount dollar stores failing with the state

Discount dollar stores are great for buying inexpensive grocery items and paper goods, especially when your budget is tight.  But some stores are stocking things you wouldn't want to take home.
In a special Dirty Dining I-Team investigation, we looked through discount stores all over the bay area and found some stores infested with rodents and failing state health inspections.
After looking through dozens of inspection reports from the Department of Agriculture, we found one store that received 5 poor scores over the last year and had to stop selling 20,000 pounds of all food products because of a rodent infestation.
Inspectors found another store with live rodents running around along with rodent droppings and urine all over the store next to and directly on packaged food.
And wait until you see what our undercover cameras caught when we went inside.
It's a special Dirty Dining I-Team investigation coming up Wednesday night at 11.
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