Courtney Campbell Causeway crash report released after nearly 15 months

Family's attorney says questions remain unanswered

TAMPA, Fla. - It's a case our I-Team has stayed on top of for more than a year, asking questions about the night a man speeding on a motorcycle lost his life in a crash with a FHP trooper's cruiser.

That collision happened on the Courtney Campbell Causeway.

The report is 150 pages long and the investigative file includes recorded statements from witnesses.

While it puts blame for the crash squarely on the speeding motorcyclist, his family members say it leaves plenty of questions unanswered.

“I saw blue lights fairly far behind me," said witness Jessica Thornton, describing the final seconds before a fatal crash on the Courtney Campbell Causeway involving a speeding motorcyclist and a Florida Highway Patrol state trooper.

“I noticed another police vehicle with his lights on was in the left lane. I was traveling in the right lane,” Thornton said, describing how pieces of wrecked vehicles slammed into her car seconds later.

Keith Williamson, 27, was clocked at more than 120 mph, which triggered a pursuit by Clearwater Police Officer Nicholas Giordano, who reached a speed of 145 mph.

“At the time the crash happened I turned my siren off. I turned the video off, and the crash happened,” Giordano said in a taped interview released Monday.

After Giordano said he stopped the pursuit, Williamson crashed into the cruiser of state trooper Dawayne Maddux, who was pulling out from a construction zone.

The report said Williamson was traveling between 54 and 59 mph when he struck the car and was knocked into a concrete barrier.

Trooper Maddux was driving between 9 and 14 mph.

“He stopped right there in the middle of the road, and he got out and was talking to the other, I guess, deputy, and he asked if that was his fault,” said witness Jimmy Warren.

The investigating trooper tried to interview Maddux two and a half weeks later.

The recorded interview included in the case indicates he chose not to make any statements in connection with the investigation.

Family attorney John Trevina said despite the release of the report, there are lots of unanswered questions.

“To use that same agency to conduct the investigation when their own trooper isn't saying what happened, adds to the whole tone that this is more of a white wash,” said Trevena.

The report indicates that there is no evidence that Trooper Maddux had any knowledge of the chase before pulling into Williamson's path.

The family's attorney said he hopes to get more answers after he files a notice of a lawsuit in the coming days.

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