Governor's plan to link state workers' pay increases to performance may increase traffic stops

Gov. Rick Scott wants to tie state workers’ pay increases to performance.
For the Florida Highway Patrol, that could mean bonuses for making contact with more drivers.
The latest negotiation between the state and the Florida Police Benevolent Association would give troopers a bonus of $5,000 for making four contacts with drivers per hour. The bonus is $2,500 for three contacts per hour. 
Anna Berry, who delivers flowers for, thinks that is a horrible idea.
"They are going to be more worried about stopping people all the time instead of looking for stuff that is bad,” she said.
A Florida Police Benevolent Association spokesman supports rewarding troopers for performance, but said tying a bonus to the number of contacts with a driver is not the way to do it. 
Patty Fernandez, executive director of the Tampa Area Safety Council, which is dedicated to encouraging safe driving, said the idea should not be overlooked.
"If this type of incentive is going to keep people safer on roads, that is our ultimate goal," she said.
Flex Driving School Instructor Luiby Milian agreed.
"We always tell them to take time to drive,” Milian said. “If you have to be at work at 8, you know and you have to know how long it takes you to get to work."
The negotiations between the state and law enforcement union are ongoing. 
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