Getting to know Tampa Bay Buccaneer Dallas Clark with this week's '10 questions'

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This week we hear from Buccaneer tight end Dallas Clark.

The team has been a force to contend with in recent weeks,

And tight end, Dallas Clark, is certainly doing his part!  He signed as a free agent with the Buccaneers just this past year. According to the Bucs, Clark currently ranks fourth on the team with 31 receptions for 320 yards and three touchdowns.

Clark certainly fueled lots of excitement for fans during week 11. Clark caught the game-winning touchdown in overtime. Team officials said that was the first Buccaneers overtime touchdown in franchise history!

Clark comes to the bay area from Indianapolis. Where he played with the Colts and was among the Super Bowl XLI Championship team.
The 33 year old was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. According to reports he graduated from his high school where he was a sports all-star. In fact, he earned four letters n football and track. He also earned five letters in baseball.

Clark then went on to play at the University of Iowa. In 2002, he helped lead Iowa to its first undefeated conference season in 80 years.

His accomplishments lead to the John Mackey award that same year. The award is said to be presented to the most outstanding tight end in college football,

The following year, he was chosen in the first round of the 2003 NFL draft by the Indianapolis Colts.  

According to reports, Clark became the highest paid tight end in NFL under the Colts when he received a six year contract for 41 millions dollars.

Sports runs in the family. His brother Darrick played football in college and other brother Dan played baseball and football in college.

Our Erik Waxler actually interviewed Clark when he was drafted out of college to first play for the NFL.  Erik was working in Indianapolis at the time. Erik said it was a big change for Clark to hit the big time in the NFL.

Erik said as one of the Colts he was known as one of the good guys. Clark was involved in the community. ErIk said he was also very easy to interview and one of Peyton Manning's go to guys.

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1. What is your all time favorite movie or song?

If [Buccaneers Defensive Tackle] Gerald McCoy was in a group (McCoy standing nearby), they would clearly sing my favorite song, but really that all depends on what mood I'm in. For every genre I have a favorite movie or song, it just depends on what type of mood I'm in.

2. Do you have a Smartphone? If so, what's your favorite app?

I have an iPhone and my favorite app is "Words with Friends"

3. Who do you count as your mentors?

My brothers, Dan and Derrick.

4. What was your very first job?

Scooping hog manure for the IPP plant in town.

5. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

There's too many to pick from!

6. What do you consider your greatest success?

My wife and my two boys

7. Tell us something about you most people don't know?

I graduated in a class of 32 kids in high school.

8. If you could have dinner with any three people, living or dead, who would they be?

I would have to eat dinner with Clint Eastwood, Paul Simon, and Abraham Lincoln.

9. What is in your fridge right now?

A lot of milk and a lot of food for the kids.

10. If you could have a different career, other than what you're doing now, what would it be?

I would love to have tried to be a Navy SEAL, an architect, or a teacher. Those are three things that would be really cool.

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Sarina Fazan
News Anchor/Multimedia Journalist

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