Getting to know Jake Peterson with "The List" on this week's 10 questions for?

TAMPA - Are you ever curious about the real lives of politicians, celebrities, local newsmakers and athletes? Who are their mentors and who would they really like to meet?

Each Tuesday, ABC Action News asks 10 questions of a Bay area leader or celebrity. They're fun questions that let you get to know the person.

This week we hear Jake Peterson! A multimedia journalist for "The List."  A television magazine show produced by our parent company E.W. Scripps. The magazine show brings the hottest topics of the day in a "one of a kind list" format.

Jake is thrilled to be a part of  "The List" team and get a chance to live in gorgeous sunny Florida. But, he said he's a midwesterner at heart.

He was raised in Illinois but work as a journalist took him to several parts of the country. Jake said he's covered blizzards in Michigan, droughts in Kansas, and tropical storms in Florida.

Jake calls himself "an information junkie" But when he's not glued to the TV or internet, he is enjoying all Florida has to offer.

Some of his favorite activities include playing tennis, spending time on the beach or running trails.

Jake also loves all sorts of music. He said he loves going to live concerts.

Another passion of Jake's is his job. "The List" launched in September and can be seen weeknights on your ABC ACTION NEWS station.

Jake hopes you can be a part of the show. He wants you to share what affects you and what you can't stop talking about. You can contact Jake at

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1. What is your all time favorite movie or song?  
Dumb and Dumber, I know this isn't a very intelligent answer, but the movie is pure comedy.  (Love Jim Carey movies)

2. Do you have a Smartphone? If so, what's your favorite app?
Yes, Pandora.  I love to have music on whenever I can.  I listen to everything from pop to country.
3. Who do you count as your mentor(s)?
My grandmother, Margaret.  She has always been there for me and her wisdom about life always helps guides me.

4. What was your very first job?  
I sold newspaper subscriptions at the age of 15 years old in Moline, Illinois.  The job had me going door to door.  I never thought the skill of cold calling people would help me in the future, but I still use it to this day as a reporter.

5. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
I would become more adventurous.  I'm put into new situations each day on "The List," but in my personal life I have to be pushed to take on new tasks or skills.

6. What do you consider your greatest success?  
Working for "The List."  The show allows me to tell stories that make people smile.  There is a lot of hurt and heartache in the world and this show makes people forget about their problems, even if it's just for a few minutes.  I'm very fortunate to go into work every day and tell people what's "right" with Tampa Bay.

7. Tell us something about you most people don't know?
I could name every president from George Washington to Bill Clinton when I was eleven.  This started as a class bet in 5th grade that I took seriously!  I'm still very fascinated by the presidents, but I can't name them in order anymore!  

8. If you could have dinner with any three people, living or dead, who would they be?  
Dave Matthews, Dave Letterman, and my grandfather
9. What is in your fridge right now?  
Leftover pizza, vitamin water, deli meat, and condiments.  I eat out a lot!

10. If you could have a different career, other then what you're doing now, what would it be?
a History teacher- I love learning about the past and passing my knowledge on to others.

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