Geo-Girl pre-teen make-up line debuts in Walmart stores

Make-up appeals to children 8 to 12 years old

TAMPA - A controversial make-up line is expected to hit Walmart store shelves on Monday. It’s called Geo-Girl and appeals to children 8 to 12 years of age. Some of the products include lip gloss, eye shadow and mascara.

 “It teaches them at an early age that their importance as a person is dictated on how they look,” said local psychologist Lindsay Sinclair. “If you put too much focus on appearance, then that is just one of many things that cold lead to an eating disorder."

 Geo-Girl also includes a cleanser and exfoliator. That’s where local dermatologist Dr. Seth Forman has a problem, both as a doctor and as a parent 9-year-old Abby.

“These are tweens that really don’t have blemishes on their skin. So, if we are using and potentially over-using an exfoliator, we could be wearing away and causing irritation and possibly abrasions on normal skin,” he said.

Dr. Forman considers himself lucky because his daughter has not yet asked to wear make-up.

Other parents we spoke to worry that the Geo-Girl make-up line could spark debate at home about when it is appropriate to wear make-up.

“By the time they are in middle school, maybe if they are going to the movies with friends, but pushing for a full face is not something I really ever want her to do,” said mother of a tween, Mimi Obeck.

Christine Woeste has a 10-year-old daughter and told us, “I would try to discourage it as much as possible. I just think they are too young for it.”

Walmart insists the line will be marketed to parents. In a statement, they say Geo-Girl will “give parents a healthier, age-appropriate option for their tween girls who ask about wearing make-up. The decision of what age is appropriate to wear make-up rests solely with the parent.”

 ABC News confirmed Monday is the roll-out date for Geo-Girl. However, Walmart has ignored repeated requests from ABC Action News to inquire if Geo-Girl will hit all Walmart store shelves, including those in the Tampa Bay area, or if we should expect to see the make-up slowly pop-up on store shelves.

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