Florida lawmakers could allow more guns in schools

Florida lawmakers have seemed to put bills opening the door to more guns in schools on a fast track.
Senate Bill 968 passed its first committee and the house version, House Bill 753, passed an education subcommittee Wednesday.
If passed, Florida would be one of the most progressive states in the nation allowing guns in schools. The bills allow any retired police officer, active military or veteran with a concealed weapons permit and training to have a gun in a school. Principals or school officials could approve anyone fitting the requirements.

Vietnam veteran and great-grandfather Mike O'Dell said the bills should be made law.

"Maybe these people that decide to go crazy would think twice about it if they knew these folks had guns and could shoot back," he said.

O'Dell added if his free time permits he would consider becoming a volunteer patrol at his great -granddaughter's school.

Parent Zoraida Roman said she sees both sides of the issue but believes more guns in schools may not be the best answer.

"It’s a bad example for our kids. They can see that it is normal to carry a gun inside the school," she said.

Hillsborough County School Board Member Candy Olsen said lawmakers need to find another solution to school violence. 

"I would rather have a kid locked in the school than worry about her being caught in the crossfire because we have a bunch of people with weapons," she said. 

Olsen points to a recent survey that says 72 percent of teachers and administrators say they would not bring a gun to school even if they could.
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