Parker Schenecker mindful of children in trial

Most of the parties involved in the trial of Julie Schenecker remained silent about the verdict outside the courtroom.
The only person who took the time to make a brief statement was Schenecker's ex-husband Col. Parker Schenecker. 
"Today's decision for many reasons gives my family a great sense of relief," he said.
He held his mother as he spoke, saying this trial was about his murdered children, Beau and Calyx. 
"Giving voice to them has been my priority throughout this entire process,” he said. “And their voices have been heard due to the efforts of many."
He finished by saying his family can now move forward.
As juror's left court for their cars, they remained quiet. One juror made a passing comment, calling the case a "very tragic story."
Prosecutor Steve Udagwa and defense attorney Charles Traina both declined to comment on the case.
Schenecker's sister, brother and parents were escorted to their cars by Hillsborough County deputies. They remained silent, but the emotion of Schenecker’s sister was apparent. She cried when the verdict was read.


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