EXCLUSIVE: Domestic Violence victim ,Alyssa Dudley, shot three times, released from hospital

Domestic Violence victim needs monetary help

DOVER, Fla. - Alyssa's Dudley's laugh is infectious. She has such a warm inviting personality. It's hard to believe that just a few days ago, her ex-boyfriend shot her in the head and in the stomach after they broke up.

Action News asked her how she was feeling. While it can be a struggle for her to speak in full sentences, the 21 year old responded,

"Good, yeah."

The 21 year old's laughter fills her home, but it can also fill her parents eyes with tears..

"It is sort of happy tears. I am glad she is working hard," said her father Eddie.

Just three months ago, Alyssa's father Eddie and mother Diana didn't know if their daughter would make it.

The Dudley's said Ayssa broke up with her boyfriend of three years, then three days later, he showed up at the St. Pete apartment they once shared.

"I think he intended to kill her, " said Diana.

Carlos Crompton died after a gun battle with police. He left Alyssa with two bullet wounds in the head and one in her stomach. Just days ago, the horrifying night came back to her.

"Everything, just everything," said Alyssa.

Action News asked, "Did you think that would live? No, No," she replied.

Now everything is a struggle.  Eddie quit his job to take care of his baby girl. She lived on her own once she turned 18, but now, she can't get around without help, and for Eddie, that's hard to watch.

"Just remembering, just remembering the person she was is hard," said her father, with his eyes filled with tears.

"I truly believe in my heart that she is a miracle that God saved her life period," said Diana.

Doctors told them to brace for the worst the first night Alyssa was shot, but they never gave up hope. As the days passed, hospital workers told Diana about another survivor, Melissa Dohme. 

Melissa is another domestic violence survivor whose story they watched on ACTION NEWS.

"So I read her story and sent her a message and told her Alyssa's story. I didn't ask her to come see me. I didn't ask her to come see Alyssa," said Diana.

But Melissa did. And with her visit, she brought hope. Doctors also told Melissa's loved ones to expect the worse: her ex boyfriend stabbed her 32 times. Now, Melissa speaks out against domestic violence

"I look forward to the day that Alyssa can stand by her side. I think that day will happen and I look forward to that day," said Diana.

So, does Alyssa, and she said this is what she wants to stop:

"Violence, violence,' said Alyssa.

Her parents said they do not like to ask for help. But, Diana is trying to support her family. Medicaid is providing the family with some help, but they hope to try hyperbaric chamber therapy and that is not covered.

If you would like to help, you can head to Alyssa's Facebook page " Team Alyssa ".

Contributions can also be made to Florida Traditions Bank.

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