Decision made on controversial kids' book

Case closed after weeks of review

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - After weeks of a review process, the Hillsborough County Public Library System has ruled that a controversial kids book will stay on public library shelves.

The book is called My Mom's Having a Baby by an author named Dori Butler based in Iowa. The book was published in 2005. As the story line goes, a little girl named Elizabeth is curious about how her mother became pregnant and childbirth. Throughout the book's 30 pages, little Elizabeth learns about these topics in great detail.

ABC Action News discovered that because of parent complaints, the Hillsborough County public library system reviewed the book to see if it is appropriate for public library shelves.

Manager of Materials and Circulation Marcee Challencer said the book will stay in its collection and continue to be cataloged in the juvenile section. She explained the book's title and content are "more open" than similar books about pregnancy. Challencer said, "The openness has its place in the library collection and provides options for parents who are comfortable with it."

Any child with a library card is able to check-out the book without parent supervision at libraries within the Hillsborough County system.

The book's author, Dori Butler, said in an email to ABC Action news that the book is intended to be read by a parent and child together. Local library leaders echoed that suggestion and added parents are ultimately responsible for what their kids are reading.

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