Brooksville firefighter resigns and another gets fired over ride in fire engine

A Brooksville firefighter resigned and another has been fired after one of them was accused of driving a fire truck without permission and the other was accused of failing to quickly report the alleged misconduct.
Capt. Sammy Schey resigned over allegations that he took a fire truck with permission and while off-duty.
Capt. Bill Kaplan was fired after the fire department concluded that he did not notify his boss in a timely manner, which he denies.
Their departures all stemmed from an April 6 ride on Engine 61.
According to the fire department, the Brooksville fire chief told Schey to stay away from the fire station that day.
But Kaplan told ABC Action News no one told the employees on duty that day.

An investigative report says Schey climbed in Engine 61 and drove away. 

Kaplan saw Schey return, the report says.

Kaplan told ABC Action News he reported what he saw at the end of his shift.

Employees told the department that Schey appeared impaired when he returned the truck, according to the investigative report.

Kaplan has filed a grievance with the City of Brooksville.

"I would like my job back,” he said. “But I want all my benefits and pay back to my termination."

Kaplan points to an email from last year saying the city knew the firefighter took medication that made him drowsy yet let him drive anyway.

“There were no restrictions placed on him,” he said.

The Brooksville fire chief did not return calls or emails requesting an interview.
The city manager also refused to return calls or get back to us after we stopped by her office.

Kaplan hopes to find out next week if he will get his job back.
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