Diary contains bomb shell testimony during Schenecker trial

TAMPA, Fla. - The final witness of the first day of Julie Schenecker’s murder trial might be the most damning, according to legal experts. 

A crime scene technician took the stand Monday and read from a diary found in Schenecker's house.

Schenecker wiped away tears as technician Matthew Evans read her words for the jury.

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"'I did all of my duties',” he read. “'Then went to buy a gun. I was planning on a Saturday massacre, but had to wait on the background investigation for three days.'"

The notebook offers direction to her husband about how she wants to be cremated with her kids and buried with them. 

Prosecutors say the diary shows a calculating murderer plotting her attack. The diary talks in specifics about her two children, 13-year old Beau and 16-year-old Calyx. 

"'She called me pathetic on',” said the technician, reading from the journal. “It has Sunday scratched out… 'Saturday. She called me an evil soul.' In parenthesis, 'The evil starts Thursday.'"

The Tampa Police Department crime scene technician went on to read another page labeled Thursday, the day of the murders.

The passage started out discussing how Schenecker shot Beau first in the car on the way to practice, and she was surprised he had put up a fight.

"'He was yelling at me,'” the journal read. “'The first shot hit the windshield. Second shot was the side of the head. Next shot was to the mouth. His mouthy mouth.'"

The diary talks about how both kids would talk back to Schenecker and not treat her with respect. Then it describes the murder of her daughter.

"'Came home. Calyx was on the upstairs computer.'  She said, in quotations, 'What are you doing?  Just (seeing) what you are doing.  Walked up without her reacting and shot her in the right temple. Then shot her in the mouth.' In parenthesis, 'her sassy little mouth.'"

The judge ended the day after the diary testimony. Legal expert Jeffrey Schwartz from the Cooley School of Law says, "It's important in the context of trying to show that Julie Schenecker was acting in a cold and calculating way. However, on the other side, the defense will argue that is not the real Julie Schenecker.”

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