Better Business Bureau warns of possible internet scam.

TAMPA, Fla. - The Better Business Bureau warns scammers might be trying to hook you with supposed links to hacked celebrity photos.

A hacker named "Blunt Mastermind" claims to have hacked in and stolen hundreds of pictures. Some of them are racy.

Better Business Bureau officials said scammers might create fake links offering a look at the photos. The links will actually be aimed at stealing your identity.

App Developer Taylor Wallace says, "They try and get you to click on the link so you come [to a] kind of website that looks like it's a real website where they are then asking you for some kind of personal information."

Wallace said criminals have become very good at making fake websites look real.

"You can really tell with just the website itself,” he said. “If it looks really funky. If it's Linkedin, but it's spelled wrong. If it's Facebook and there is a letter off."

He said all a scammer needs is a small amount of information like your name.

"If you have other publicly available information on Facebook or wherever they can often use that to deduce the answers to some of these security questions that you have," he said.

That's exactly how Apple says the hacker stole the celebrity pictures.

Computer Expert Vinny Troia says, "What is your mother's maiden name? What is the name of your first pet? When you are talking about a celebrity you can probably just get this information from their Wikipedia page."

Experts said don't take the bait.

They say if you need to see the story on the celebrity photographs go to legitimate news websites.

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