Ashley, Bill, John and Sean give tips on how to survive Gasparilla 2014

TAMPA - Ashley Glass, Bill Logan, John Thomas and Sean Daly all went seeking information on the essential tips needed to survive Gasparilla.

Who else is more reliable for information on a pirate event than a pirate. According to Don Barnes, a member of the Ye Mystic Krewe, told the anchors that all the need to know about Gasparilla is in the word "pirate."

P: Plan Early. Barnes suggests taking a look at the parade route and figuring out where you want to be and what is the best way to get there. Also consider where will be the best place to park to get to your chosen spot.

I: Imbibe Responsibly. If you are under the legal drinking age do not partake in alcoholic beverages. Tampa police along with other law enforcement officers will be frequently on the look out for violators. If you are 21 and over please drink responsibly.

R: Respect the law enforcement officers that will be out in droves today. They are there to keep you safe and to do their job. Also respect other pirates and wenches that will be enjoying the parade and festivities around you.

A: Arrive early. This goes hand in hand with planning. You want to get downtown as early as possible to secure a parking spot in the location you need as well as getting a prime spot on the parade route.

T: Tell a police officer if you see anything along the parade route that looks suspicious.

E: Enjoy yourself. Simply said.


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