Airport hopes re-furbished restrooms win contest

TIA spent over $4.1 million to renovate bathrooms

Tampa, Fla. - Tampa International Airport's renovated bathrooms have earned them a top-ten spot in Cintas' annual "America's Best Restroom" competition. The airport hopes for an even higher recognition.

According to airport spokesperson Christine Osborn, TIA spent over $4.1 million renovating the facilities. The work on the restrooms ended in March of 2013.

"We put a lot of effort into it," Osborn said.

The goal was to combine form and function, Osborn stated. The airport estimates over 17 million passengers pass through their doors every year, so the 20 main terminal restrooms needed to be durable. The rooms are equipped with quartz countertops, tile floors, and water-efficient toilets and urinals.

All 20 bathrooms also contain unique mural-sized photos of nature, to give the rooms a "Florida"-like feel, Osborn said.

The contest has now entered its online voting stage. If you would like to cast your vote for what you think is "America's Best Restroom," you can visit . After voting is completed on October 31, the top two facilities will receive the honor of being inducted into Cintas' "America's Best Restroom" hall of fame.

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