5 things you need to know happening in Florida on Tuesday, October 16

TAMPA - Here are five things you need to know happening in Florida on Tuesday, October 16.

(1) Jared Cano plea hearing

Jared Cano, the teenager accused of plotting to set off bombs at Freedom High School, is expected to plead no content to multiple charges at a hearing in Tampa on Tuesday.

According to attorney Norman Canala, Sr., Cano will plead no contest to charges of Threatening to Discharge a Destructive Device and Attempting to Make, Posses, Throw, Place, Project or Discharge a Destructive Device with Intent to Harm.

Cano is expected to plead guilty to marijuana charges.

We are told the plea in not a negotiated plea deal with prosecutors. Cano and his attorney are reserve their right to appeal.

Tampa Police arrested Cano in August 2011. At the time they say he planned to kill 32 people at Freedom High. His intended victims included two vice principals.

Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor said authorities were alerted to Cano's plan by an anonymous tip. Cano is a former Freedom High School student who was expelled a year and a half before his arrest.

The plea hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. at the Hillsborough County Courthouse in downtown Tampa.

(2) Biden campaign event tickets

Vice President Joe Biden will be coming to Sun City Center on Friday. Tickets for the campaign rally will be distributed beginning on Tuesday.

Tickets are required to attend the campaign event. One ticket per person will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis at the following locations starting today at 3:30 p.m.:

  • Sun City Center Community Association Community Hall at 1910 South Pebble Beach Boulevard in Sun City Center
  • Riverview Obama for America Office at 11215 Bloomingdale Avenue in Riverview

Friday's grassroots event will take place at the Sun City Center Community Association Community Hall. Doors for the campaign rally will open at 9:30 a.m.

(3) White Out Teen Crashes

The Florida Highway Patrol wants to cut down on the number of crashes involving teenage drivers.

On Tuesday, the FHP is urging students to wear white to demonstrate they want to "White Out Teen Crashes."

In 2011, teenage drivers in Florida were involved in nearly 30,000 crashes which resulted in some 260 fatalities and over 27,000 injuries.

Locally last year, Hillsborough County had the second highest number of teen crashes in the state while Polk County had the third highest number of deaths attributed to teen crashes.

For safety tips for teenage drivers, visit www.flhsmv.gov/safetytips/teensafety.htm .

(4) New commercial fishing vessel safety regulations

New federal commercial fishing vessel safety regulations take effect on Tuesday.

Starting today all commercial fishing, fish tender and fish processing vessels that operate or transit more than three nautical miles offshore must demonstrate full compliance with fishing industry vessel safety regulations during a dockside safety examination.

To demonstrate compliance with this new requirement, fishermen are encouraged to contact Coast Guard fishing vessel safety examiners to obtain a Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Decal.

The examination requirement is one of several new regulations established by the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010. The act requires the mandatory safety examinations regardless of whether the vessel is state-registered or federally documented.

For more information about the change and methods for achieving compliance, visit www.fishsafe.info .

To schedule a vessel examination, you are asked to contact the Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg commercial fishing vessel safety office at (813) 228-2196, ext. 8136.

(5) Bronze swan sculpture unveiling

The City of Lakeland will unveil an eight-foot-tall bronze sculpture, titled Mute Swan Protecting Her Cygnets,at Main Street Overlook Park overlooking Lake Mirror on Tuesday.

The sculpture has been donated by Sandra Trattner and Steve Wolfson in honor of their parents Elaine and Wil Wolfson.

The unveiling ceremony will include live music from the Brian Sutherland Trio and a fireworks show at dusk.

In the early 1950's, Queen Elizabeth II donated a pair of mute swans from the Royal Flock to the City of Lakeland. The descendents of the original pair live on Lake Mirror and remain a community treasure to this day.

Today's ceremony is scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m.

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