5 things you need to know happening in Florida on Friday, January 13

TAMPA BAY, Fla. - Here are five things you need to know happening in Florida on Friday, January 13.

(1) Newt Gingrich in Florida

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich will visit two Florida cities on Friday.

Gingrich begins his day with a meet and greet at the Versailles Restaurant in Miami from 8:30 to 9:20 a.m.

The former Speaker of the House will then travel to Orlando to open up his new campaign headquarters office at 3333 South Orange Avenue. After this office opening, Gingrich will be at a fundraiser at the Gray Robinson law firm in downtown Orlando.

Originally, Gingrich was planning to appear at the Republican Party of Florida's annual meeting at Walt Disney World's Swan & Dolphin Report. A newly-scheduled debate in South Carolina has forced Gingrich to skip the event.

For more information on Newt Gingrich, visit www.newt.org .

(2) 27th annual MLK Drum Major for Justice Awards Banquet

Martin Luther King Jr. week in St. Petersburg kicks off with the 27th annual MLK Drum Major for Justice Awards Banquet Friday at 7:00 p.m.

The event features Gospel recording artist Derek Smith and pastor and world-renowned vocal artist Wintley Phipps as the keynote speaker.

There will be a special tribute to the late Lew Williams who died December 3 days after undergoing heart surgery. Williams was a life-long educator and Pinellas County School Board Member.

The banquet is being held at the St. Petersburg Marriott Clearwater at 12600 Roosevelt Boulevard.

The 27th annual MLK National Drum Major for Justice Battle of the Bands and Drumline Extravaganza is taking place Sunday at 4:00 p.m. at Tropicana Field.

The 27th annual MLK Drum Major for Justice National Parade starts at 11:00 a.m. on Monday. The Parade begins at 3rd Avenue and Martin Luther King Street. From there it proceeds north to Central Avenue, east to Bayshore Drive NE and north to 5th Avenue NE before disbanding at Vinoy Park.

For more information on all Martin Luther King Jr. Week activities in St. Petersburg, visit www.mlknationalparade.org .

(3) PARADE 'Rudy' Award Finalists

Plant CityHigh School football star running back Dazmond Patterson needs your vote on Friday.

Today is the second-to-last day to vote for Patterson in PARADE Magazine's "Rudy" Awards.

Dazmond is one of 12 finalists for the award which recognizes young athletes for their ability to inspire and motivate others.

Patterson grew up in a single parent family with two siblings and a rotating group of foster children. Dazmond's mother is a therapeutic foster parent who has cared for nine children over the course of five years.

Dazmond not only was responsible for his own daily chores, but also made sure dinner was on the table for his siblings and the foster children when his mother could not be there. In school he has maintained a 4.8 grade point average at Plant City High while volunteering as a tutor.

A National Selection Committee and online fans will vote from the pool of twelve Finalists to determine the Winner and four Runners-Up. Members of the committee include former NFL players Drew Bledsoe, Troy Aikman, Shaun Alexander, Tedy Bruschi and former NFL head coach Jim Mora, Sr.

A total of $25,000 in academic scholarships will be awarded to the twelve Finalists with the winner receiving $7,500.

Patterson is committed to playing for the Ohio University Bobcats in the fall of 2012.

The deadline to cast a vote for Dazmond is Saturday. The winners will be announced on Parade Magazine's website on Sunday.

To vote, visit www.highschoolrudyawards.com .

(4) Free Starbucks coffee tasting

Starbucks is offering free coffee tasting of its three premium blends on Friday.

Today and Saturday is company is offering you to try the Starbucks Blond, Medium and Dark roasts for free.

The brand new Blonde Roast is a lighter option than the medium-bodied Pike Place Roast and full-body dark Italian Roast.

The Blonde Roast is available in mellow Veranda and Willow blends and in a decaf option.

The Seattle-based company is asking coffee drinkers to sample each blend and then vote for your favorite at www.facebook.com/Starbucks . You can also let Starbucks know what you think on Twitter by tweeting using the hashtags: #starbucksblonde, #starbucksmedium or #starbucksdark.

Starbucks says customers will receive a small "thank you" gift for sampling their blends.

For more information, visit roast.starbucks.com .

(5) Frisbee invention day

It's Friday the 13th. What better day to celebrate the anniversary of the invention of the ultimate flying toy -- the Frisbee.

Walter Morrison, a Los Angeles building inspector, and his partner Warren Franscioni invented a plastic version of the Frisbie in 1948. It could fly better than the tin pie plate made by the Frisbie Pie Company.

Morrison called his invention the Pluto Platter. The owners of Wham-O, a new toy company which marketed the Hula-Hoop, first saw the Pluto Platter in 1955. They convinced Morrison to sell them

the rights to his patented design.

Wham-O began production of Pluto Platters on January 13, 1957.

The Frisbie Baking Company shut down its original pie factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1958. That gave Wham-O to opportunity to change the Pluto Platter to a more marketable name -- the now-familiar registered trademark, Frisbee.

The rest is history.

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