Hundreds protest Venezuelan violence in Tampa

TAMPA, Fla - Demonstrators lined up by the hundreds along Dale Mabry and Columbus to show their displeasure about the situation in their homeland. The protesters say the government of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro is shooting students who oppose the current regime.

Venezuelans now living in the u-s like Yolanda Daza say it's been a frightening two weeks as she's been cut off from the country.

"They cut the internet. Some of them have no light. We are concerned because we cannot get in touch with our families. We don't know if they're ok. There was already a food shortage and medicine in the country so we don't know if they have food," said Daza.

Demonstrations in Venezuela's capital shows protesters facing tear gas as fires burn in the street.  The opposition to Maduro is accusing Cuba's Castro brothers of trying to influence the government.

Demonstrators throughout the U.S. are hoping that these protests will lead the U.S. government to put pressure on Venezuela to end the violence.

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