How to call out during this flu season - LinkedIn gives tips on taking a sick day the right way


It's flu season, and with outbreaks on the rise across the country, medical experts are urging sick employees to stay home. Whether you have the flu or just the common cold, take a sick day the right way with this advice from CEO and LinkedIn Influencer Nancy Lublin. Lublin offers best practices for calling out of the office in her latest LinkedIn column, through the network's recently launched original content program.
  • Know when to go home. Too sick to be useful at work? Are you going to infect others? There is a word for people who ooze boogers at the office and never take a sick day ... and its not "hero." You're a toxin! Do everyone a favor and remove yourself.
  • Do not just slip out the back, Jack. Make a little plan, Stan. (Apologies to Simon & Garfunkel). Tell your manager and co-workers that you are leaving. If you're up against deadlines, either move them or ask others to cover for you. Discuss much. Communicate clearly. You being out of the office isn't what's annoying--the harm is when nobody knows where you are and they were depending on you for something.
  • Get better, sooner. Don't just go home and watch I Love Lucy - Take a hot shower. Sleep. Eat some healthy stuff. Drink (non-alcoholic) fluids. Throw out your old toothbrush and use a new one. See a doctor/take drugs as needed. Obvious advice? Sure. But its also a courtesy to your co-workers to actually take steps to get well. Just wallowing in your jammies isn't helping anyone. Heal thyself!
  • Stay off social media. Going home sick and then tweeting a photo of you at the mall? Bad move. Your co-workers, clients, etc. see this stuff. We want to hear that you are home with your head over a bowl. (Maybe don't tweet that photo either.
  • Come back to work ready. When you're back at work, put your head down. Lingering around the kitchen to complain about how sick you've been isn't going to impress your boss or win over your co-workers ... but bouncing back quickly will. Leave a little "thank you" note on particularly helpful co-workers' monitors. They covered for you, dude. Thank them.
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