Bay area crime writer got caught in the middle of familiar plot line, nearly becomes victim

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla - Tampa crime writer Terry Huston came close to being one of the characters in his own books, a victim.

Huston was working in his home office Wednesday morning when someone rang the door bell.

"After six rings, the woman started looking in the window, so I answered," said Huston.

Huston was met by a young woman who said she was lost and needed directions out of his community. He thought it was odd the woman was on his doorstep because in the hour before, he noticed the woman walking around the community with a man.

He helped the woman, closed the door, and as soon as he turned around he noticed a man standing on his pool deck trying to get in his back door.

That man was the same one he saw walking with the woman earlier, according to Huston.

"I didn't know if he was armed, but I didn't want to take that chance so I took something with me," he said.

Before he went towards the man, Huston grabbed a bat in his office.

"When he saw me, he took off," Huston recalled.

Huston told ABC Action News that by the time he turned around, the woman had run off as well.  He immediately called Sheriff's deputies who arrived 10 minutes later.  But, it was too late, the duo were no where to be found.

"It appears they were casing our neighborhood and burglarizing homes if there was no answer when they rang the door bell," he added.

Huston is convinced the man and woman would have ran-sacked their home if he was not there.

He's also pretty sure he just found the inspiration for a new chapter in the current crime trilogy he's writing, called Johnny Vegas.

"It might inspire something in one of the chapters," he said. "I might escalate the encounter a little bit further."

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