World of Beer sues over noise regulations

A battle of noise complaints is heading to the courtroom.
World of Beer, a bar in the SoHo area in Tampa, is suing the city and the Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission.
The company says in the suit that the city should stop enforcing its noise regulations.
The suit comes after residents organized to bring down the noise level of World of Beer and other SoHo establishments.
"It affects my ability at my job. It affects my relationships, your mood, your quality of life," Julia Von Maltzahn said.
Earlier this year, Von Maltzahn decided she had enough. She said the noise coming from World Of Beer had pushed her to a breaking point.
"It was basically just the level of music coming through the walls and being unable to sleep," Von Maltzahn said.
She and her boyfriend drew up a petition and gathered signatures from more than 100 people who live in the area and are frustrated with the level of noise coming from multiple bars along the street.
They voiced their concerns to city council. Von Maltzahn said  things improved recently, but she said World of Beer’s lawsuit brings new concerns.
Terry Haley with World Of Beer said his company is  looking to clarify confusing enforcement standards.
"We take sound control very seriously and in this particular instance what we're really looking for is an ordinance that gives us clear and realistic direction that we can guide our teams for sound management," Haley said.
The city has cited the bar three times for noise violations this year.
"My biggest fear is just that it's going to go back to the way it was and all the problems will come right back," said Von Maltzahn.
Calls to the attorney representing World Of Beer were not returned Friday, and the city would not comment on the pending case.
Rick Muratti, an attorney for the EPC, said it's the agency’s position that each city within Hillsborough County should be able to set and enforce their own noise standards in addition to what the EPC enforces.
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