Weekend Adventure: "Our team" shoots with the Special Operations Forces

LITHIA, Fla - If you've ever had a hankering to train like a Navy SEAL... or run with Army Rangers, this is the weekend for you, thanks to the folks at OPERATOR.

"What we've put together is an "OPERATOR Challenge,"  said Scott Neil, a 25 year SOF veteran with the legendary Army Green Berets, whose also the CEO and Founder of the Tampa-based OPERATOR.  "Basically former and some current Special Operators -- and we actually like to compete, so this is just a snapshot of us doing physical competitions and we combine it with shooting."

OPERATORS are the Special Ops team members who -- in their adrenaline-addled adventures, competitively -- yet carefully -- run, jump, climb, and fire weaponry, like the M-4 carbine rifle they let us loose with as a demonstration.

"We're talking about Navy SEALS, Green Berets, Rangers, members of special mission units," said Scott.  We're also talking about our international partners as well.  Basically, all international special operators and US special operators."

But this weekend, YOU can shoot too... like John and Ashley and I did...

Select non Department of Defense and civilian teams will compete tomorrow in the Shooting with Special Operations Forces event, using the same guns these guys use in combat.

The shooting was fun...

The physical part, like the cargo net climb proved to be a little more odious and humbling.

But... t the shooting was fun...

You can just see it on our faces... as we did our best to hit the targets

For more information on the weekend events, you can connect to the OPERATORS at www.operatorllc.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/USOpeartor.  You can also follow them on twitter @USOperator


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