War-veteran pastor stops church burglary

Pastor uses military background to stop burglary

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - Bob Dygert spent 22 years in the Army before becoming the pastor at Knights Baptist Church near Plant City.

He never imagined his military training would come in handy in his church life, but it did on Sunday morning.

Dygert said he and his wife were at their house, which is a couple hundred yards behind the church, when his wife saw someone near the back of the church building.

"She said ‘It looks like he's trying to break in,'" Dygert remembered.

Dygert said the man then used a concrete block to break the window and crawl through into the church.

Dygert quickly got dressed and went to the church, where the suspected burglar was already inside.

The pastor used his two decades of military background to protect himself, while ‘clearing rooms' in his search for the man.

He found him in the children's room, holding clothing normally used for skits and plays.

Dygert said he grabbed the man, took him to the ground, held his neck, them moved him to a room where there was a phone. He called the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, who arrived to arrest 47-year-old Raymond Shipley, who now faces burglary charges.

Dygert said Shipley never said if he was trying to steal the clothing, only saying he broke in because he wanted to use the phone.

"Things just didn't add up," Dygert said.

The man did not cause any damage, other than the broken window.

Sunday service went on as usual.

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