Two pit bulls shot after surrounding jogger

1 of the dogs had to be put down

TAMPA - Two pit bulls were shot this morning after an Odessa resident came to the aid of a female jogger who had been surrounded by the dogs.

The woman was out jogging in the area of Ridgebrook Circle and Royal Cove Circle around 7:20 a.m. when suddenly she was surrounded by 3 pit bulls.  A resident in the area, Steven Lamb, saw what was going on and confronted the dogs.  The dogs took off running and Lamb followed after them.  The jogger told deputies she heard shots fired and then saw the dogs run from between two houses.  Two of the pit bulls had been shot.  A 10-month old female was shot in the face and hip and a 10-month old male was shot in the left side.  A 2-year old pit bull was not injured.   The two injured dogs were taken to the vet.  The female dog had to be put to sleep.  

Investigators say a home across the pond from where the shooting took place had a rear sliding door shot out and a bullet in the kitchen wall.  No one inside the home was injured.

The investigation is continuing and deputies will consult with the State Attorney's office to determine if charges will be filed.

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