Trial begins for Kenneth Jackson accused of killing Cuc Thu Tran back in September of 2007

Man accused in 2007 Seffner murder goes on trial

TAMPA - He hardly seemed like the stereotype of an accused murderer as he walked into the courtroom smiling.

Kenneth Jackson was diminutive in both stature and presence. He was someone who would blend into a crowd, except for the fact that he is on trial for murder for the 2007 murder of Cuc Thu Tran.

It was September of 2007, and Tran went missing on an early morning jog.

Her body was discovered a short time later in a burned-out vehicle 13 miles from her home.

Investigators determined she was stabbed before she was set on fire. In October of that same year, Jackson was arrested and charged with her murder. He has been in jail ever since.

There was an unsuccessful attempt in July, 2011, to seat a jury when the court ran out of potential jurors.

So Monday, 200 people filed into the courtroom in an effort to fill all the jury seats and alternates. Jury selection is expected to take three or four days.

The prosecution is expected to call as many as 50 witnesses, so the trial is expected to run as long as a month.

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