Tebow stops at D1 training facility and meets with young boy with Leukemia

Tebow meets with boy who has Leukemia

TAMPA, Fl. - Preston Winslow sits quietly. His excitement builds knowing his dream is about to come true.

"Tebow is over there," said Winslow.

Four year old Preston and his family drove to a D1 training facility in Tampa from North Carolina. So Preston could meet his idol. Tim Tebow.

Preston's father went to the University of Florida when Tim Tebow led the Gators. Since that time the whole family has been faithful fans. Preston watched games as a baby."

"We just didn't expect this," said James Winslow.

What they didn't expect was not one, but several phone calls from the quarterback himself. Somehow Tebow learned Preston has Acute Myeloid Leukemia and is not responding to treatments. Tebow asked if he could meet their little boy in Tampa. Tebow was in town hosting a training experience at the D1 facility he co-owns.

"Whats up man," said Tebow.

Tebow not only met Preston. He took him out to the turf.

"Are you ready to catch it? Are you chasing me?" said Tebow.

Preston's mother Celeste Winslow said while they met Tebow all of their worries diminished for the time being.

"It amazes me at how much energy he had out there playing and running around. He didn't even want to stop," said Winslow.

As Preston passed the football back and forth with Tebow. The Bronco's quarterback high fived Preston and said, "That was so good buddy. Good job!"

Preston did have one question for Tebow.

"I want to ask him what kind of car do you drive?" said Preston.

That question was answered, but we were asked to keep it a secret. We can tell you that the Winslows said meeting Tim Tebow is a memory they will never forget.

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