Tampa teen caught with a bag of fraudulent credit cards and a list of patients' personal information

22 Visa debit cards seized; at least 41 victims

TAMPA, Fla. - His name is Devonte Courtney Jackson. From old pictures posted on his Facebook page, you can tell he likes money and lots of it.

But that Armwood High School student is now behind bars. On Monday, deputies say they found the 18-year-old in possession of a bag of fraudulently obtained credit cards and a list of victims at his Tampa townhome.

"He purchased the cards, or got these cards, with these names and then was going to fund the cards fraudulently through tax returns that were illegal," explained Cpl. Bruce Crumpler with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office's Economic Crimes Unit. 

Jackson's mother works at Ace Homecare, a Medicare-certified home health agency based in Tampa. The sheriff's office believes Jackson got into his mother's work-issued laptop and for the last three months has been stealing patient's personal information to obtain pre-paid credit and debit cards. They say he would complete Visa applications and then have the cards sent to his friends' homes.

Monday night, deputies seized 22 Visa debit cards that used the personal identification information of 41 different victims. 

According to investigators, it's a surprisingly simple crime that is hard to prevent. 

"There is no protection that I can see at this point from keeping your information from getting out when you go to a medical facility," said Crumpler. 

On Tuesday, no one answered at the Jackson household when we showed up. 

When we reached out to the corporate office of Ace Homecare, they said there would be no further comment at this time except that they're cooperating with the sheriff's office in their investigation. 

Detectives are still working to locate the victims involved. They say they could be located across the entire country. At this time, they are unsure if money was lost, and if so, how much. 

"The arduous process of doing this investigation is now. We have 40-41 persons' information," said Crumpler. "Detectives are investigating that to determine if indeed anyone has been monetarily damaged."

The HCSO is also currently investigating several other people that may have played a role in this crime. 

"Anybody that had knowledge of this crime and participated in any way potentially could be charged," said Crumpler. 

Jackson is being charged with 41 counts of fraudulent use of personal information and one count of trafficking in counterfeit credit cards. On Tuesday, he remained in jail with a $89,500 bond. 

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