Tampa calls pools safe from electrical problems

Tampa mother Magan Celt called the video horrifying.
Video of an apartment complex pool in South Florida shows children being shocked in the water. The children involved survived the incident, which inspectors said was caused by a pool pump that hadn’t been grounded properly.
"I’m always thinking about it,” Celt said of pool safety.
Could something similar happen in Tampa’s public pools?
Tampa Parks and Recreation Director Greg Bayor said there has never been an electrical problem at the city’s 11 public pools.
"Annually, the health department comes in and does an inspection before we can open any pool,” he said, “and then we have the city's team that checks all lifeguard devices.”
Bayor pointed out that every child has to take a swim test of one lap in order to swim alone in Tampa public pools. Inflatable toys are prohibited. At the Rosetta Ingraham Pool, there is a strict 175 pool load maximum. 
Bayor said parents should pay attention to how a pool is managed. 
"Our job is to let kids have fun but not have chaos on the deck,” he said.
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