Alonso High School students get two stolen goats back

May have been taken or let loose as a prank

TAMPA, Fla. - Alonso High School is home of the Ravens, but it's also home to a whole bunch animals.

They all live behind the West Hillsborough County school as part of the agriculture department.

Cows, chickens, a sleepy pig, donkeys, and goats are all there.

But since Sunday, two of the goats, Winston and Mia, went missing.  UPDATE: The two missing goats have been returned.

"When they are taken from you, it's just like your heart is gone, it's like getting your heart ripped away from you. It's horrible," said Hailey Smith.

Smith wants to be a veterinarian, and owns Winston.  She has cared for the goat and two others for almost a year.

 "I've raised them since they were little babies.  Come out here three times a day with a bottle, see them running up to you and run around out here with them," said Smith.

Authorities say they don't know if the goats were stolen or let loose as a prank.  But you have to go through several gates to get to them.  It's all Hailey's mother can think about.

"It's the not knowing.  Where is he?  Is he ok?  Is he hurt?  What's he doing?  Does he have food and water?  Is he scared?  I'm afraid for him," said Patricia Smith.

All the animals are owned by Alonso students involved in the Future Farmers of America Program.  Some are even shown in competitions.  The attachments can become very strong.

"It's not just a pet to me, they are like my family.  I consider them to be a family member," said Hailey Smith.

The school is also down 24 chickens to just four.  Although they aren't sure if it's because the chickens were stolen, killed by other animals, or just flew away.

Since the theft, there are more locks on the pens, and one student even took her goat home.  She is worried the same thing could happen again.

"I just don't understand why anybody would do that. It's just cruel and sick and it's not fair," said Hailey Smith.

Whoever took the goats faces charges for theft and trespassing.

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