Student hit at Valrico School Bus stop OK but dangerous situation remains

VALRICO, Fla. - A frightening incident at a Valrico Bus Stop as an elementary school student crossing the street to get to her bus is hit by a passing car -- right in front of her own father.

Seven-year-old Analis Polanco never made ti to her second grade class at Nelson Elementary school this morning… after being hit by this car at this bus stop.  Authorities say this car struck her while she was trying to cross Pine Top Drive in the Summerset Subdivision after she had just gotten out of her dad's car.

"I open my door to try to flag the lady down -- telling her to slow down," explained Anthony Polanco. "She didn't pay attention 'cuz she's trying to beat the red "stop" sign.  He continued, "And what happens is -- I'm out here, my daughter is walking around the front and the lady squeezed by here -- BOOM -- hits my daughter."  

By the time the students were lining up for the bus to Mulrennan Middle School, the investigation into the 7:30 accident was well underway.  That's when we heard from other parents about their concerns over this dangerous stop.

"There's a lot of children that get on the bus right here," said a family friend of the Polanco's named Chrystal. "And you see it, dropping them off -- people flying down this way.  That's just -- its incredible."

"I think something should be done like a crossing guard or something," added neighbor Victoria Silver.  "But that should have never happened.  I know that."

The driver of the KIA was not cited --because the bus did not have its stop sign yet deployed… but the parents I spoke with say that's exactly what could've caused this wreck.  Little Analis is headed to the hospital to check out her minor injuries, while her dad deals with a more maddening issue.

"She seen the yellow flashing -- it says 'proceed with caution.'  There was no caution proceeding," he lamented.  "She should have just stopped and waited for the kids to get on the bus.  There was no caution.  She was supposed to stop."  

We tried to speak with the drivers of that Kia, but she was not interested in talking with us.  As for the Polancos-- they're headed to the hospital first, then to a lawyer's office. Analis' dad says he can't believe nothing is going to happen after this.  And he's afraid for his neighbors… that it could happen again.

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