Strong storms roll through Hillsborough County

TAMPA - Fires in South Tampa and Odessa on Monday night are blamed on lightning strikes as storms moved through the area.

Storms with heavy winds, drenching rain and lightning strikes rolled through, and accompanying lightning-triggered fires brought out quick response from firefighters.

From the outside it's hard to tell one house was on fire at one point -- firefighters quickly got it under control.

Monday night, fire trucks had Orleans Avenue S. in Hyde park blocked off, and lightning ripped across the sky as firefighters worked inside the house to make sure the fire was out.

They believe the house was struck by lightning while the man who lives there was out.

Firefighters say the flames were contained to the attic.

And a similar story in Hillsborough County, at a house on Bellamy Road in Odessa.

Firefighters think a lighting strike sparked a small fire.

Everyone got out of the house safely, though firefighters say one woman was taken to the hospital for discomfort after she was out of the house.

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